About Us

In 1978, some metallurgical technicians from the district of Brescia - Italy (one of the main worldwide) pool their experience to design and build furnaces and machines for the non-ferrous extrusion industries.

In the 80S, COIM emerges and specializes in the particular niche market of gas fired heaters and furnaces for preheating and heat treatment of copper, aluminum and relative alloys, developing and improving the design and construction of energy efficient furnaces.

In the 90S, COIM undertakes a major expansion, coming to cover much of the Italian market furnaces for brass billets and winning the European market (in particular in Germany).

From 2000 the company enthusiastically espouses the philosophy of the founders and helps to further accentuate the distinctive features of COIM products: top quality and energy efficiency, extreme customization, fast and efficacious after sales service, expanding the activity to emerging markets, such as EAST EUROPE and FAR EAST ASIA.

In 2013, a new, big step for COIM, joining Presezzi Extrusion Group and so creating one of the most important group of companies worldwide engaged in the supply of turn-key extrusion lines, both for aluminum and copper alloys.