Gas Ovens for Heating Aluminium, Brass or Copper Billets or Logs

The main product from COIM is the gas oven for the rapid heating of billets, which has made the company famous worldwide.

The COIM ovens are widely recognized as the most productive, efficient and reliable on the market and represent absolute excellence in terms of energy efficiency, heating precision, solid construction and reliability.

The exclusive system offered by COIM for heat recovery allows customers to reach a level of energy efficiency well above that of our competitors, many of whom have recently attempted to draw inspiration from our technology, without however achieving the performances of a system developed over a 40 year period gleaned on every type of alloy and every possible billet diameter.
Many of our customers have obtained over the years financial incentives from their governments thanks to the significant reduction of exhaust fume emissions and the reduced energy consumption following the replacement of obsolete and inefficient systems.

COIM ovens guarantee perfectly uniform heating for the billets or logs, both across the diameter section as well as in the lengthwise direction, additionally ensuring the reliable repeatability of heating from one billet to the next.
Our ovens also allow you to carry out excellent taper heating cycles.

COIM provides specific guarantees regarding the working life of the refractory materials used, the heat resistant rollers as well as the burners. The generous dimensions of our ovens and the highest quality of the components installed lead to overall reduced maintenance costs both in terms of machine downtimes and spare parts replacement.

Gas Ovens for Heating Aluminium, Brass or Copper Billets or Logs

Environmental Product Declaration

Billet heater for non ferrous metals has a certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) giving information about the environmental performance, contents and recycling, which has been controlled and verified according to the requirements of the International EPD® System.

Registration number: S-P-11035 - More information is available at

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)


  • Energy efficiency (the highest on the market).
  • Uniformity of heating.
  • Extremely robust construction with very low maintenance costs.
  • Refractory materials, rollers and burners with guaranteed working life well over the average.